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Setup Instructions

Here are the basic steps involved in setting up your wall tent. There are seven steps:

Step 01

Arrange angle joints on ground making sure the angles marked “R” (ridge) are in the center.

Step 02

Lay out the 9 tent length pieces marked with tape in between the angle pieces and attach.

Step 03

Find the 8 legs, these have caps on the ends and lay them next to the eave angle pieces.

Step 04


The remaining two piece sections marked with tape are the rafter sections.

Put the male and female sections together and attach to the angles to create a roof section.


Step 05

When you have a complete roof together, slip your tent over and straighten tent.

Step 06

Lift roof section up on one side and slip in legs, then do the same to the other side.

Step 07

Adjust tent and frame as needed. Peg down atleast the four corners of the tent. Due to any high winds or heavy snow, more pegs and ropes on the eaves may be necessary.